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Tuli tässä hieman lukaistua tämän kuun Voima-lehteä, josta pisti silmään eräs mielenkiintoinen artikkeli: Ihmiskasvoisen barbarian paluu, joka on suomennos Slavoj Zizekin ajatuksista. Toisaalta kritisoidaan ns. edistyksellisiä liberaaleja kaksinaismoralistisesta piilorasismista:

"Progressive liberals are, of course, horrified by such populist racism. However, a closer look reveals how their multicultural tolerance and respect of differences share with those who oppose immigration the need to keep others at a proper distance. "The others are OK, I respect them," the liberals say, "but they must not intrude too much on my own space. The moment they do, they harass me – I fully support affirmative action, but I am in no way ready to listen to loud rap music." What is increasingly emerging as the central human right in late-capitalist societies is the right not to be harassed, which is the right to be kept at a safe distance from others. A terrorist whose deadly plans should be prevented belongs in Guantánamo, the empty zone exempted from the rule of law; a fundamentalist ideologist should be silenced because he spreads hatred. Such people are toxic subjects who disturb my peace."

kun taas toisaalta myös maahanmuuttokriittisyys asetetaan kriittisen tarkastelun alle vertaamalla sitä Robert Brasillachin (ranskalaisen fasisti-intellektuellin) kehittämään "maltilliseen antisemitismiin":

"The mechanism of such neutralisation was best formulated back in 1938 by Robert Brasillach, the French fascist intellectual, who saw himself as a "moderate" antisemite and invented the formula of reasonable antisemitism. "We grant ourselves permission to applaud Charlie Chaplin, a half Jew, at the movies; to admire Proust, a half Jew; to applaud Yehudi Menuhin, a Jew; Å We don't want to kill anyone, we don't want to organise any pogrom. But we also think that the best way to hinder the always unpredictable actions of instinctual antisemitism is to organise a reasonable antisemitism."

"Is this same attitude not at work in the way our governments are dealing with the "immigrant threat"? After righteously rejecting direct populist racism as "unreasonable" and unacceptable for our democratic standards, they endorse "reasonably" racist protective measures or, as today's Brasillachs, some of them even Social Democrats, tell us: "We grant ourselves permission to applaud African and east European sportsmen, Asian doctors, Indian software programmers. We don't want to kill anyone, we don't want to organise any pogrom. But we also think that the best way to hinder the always unpredictable violent anti-immigrant defensive measures is to organise a reasonable anti-immigrant protection."

Eli olemmeko toisaalta kaksinaismoralistisen edistyksellisen liberalismin ja toisaalta uusfasismin armoilla? Rakentakoon kukin mielipiteensä omalla tahollaan. Ohessa linkki:
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